Self​-​Titled LP

by Mahria

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Released on cassette by Bart Records (/100)
Re-released on 12" vinyl by Forged In Iron (/300)
Recorded live & mixed by Tom Kerr
Mastered by Johnny Valasquez at the Candy Shop studios

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released November 19, 2011



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Mahria Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Lights
Woke up the garden, ate apples one more time. Had too many questions, saw too many lights. My other Father; carry me from brightness. I love too much, care without purpose. The day that shines down is my one alone. Nothing else to live for, I'm in my only home. And where were you? I don't want you. A fissure crackles from the other side. Had too many questions, saw too many lights. Took my joy for my own, spent my time on life. Now the freedom I'm feeling comes from inside. Burning the garden I hear the fire. My body is warming, the sparks fly. And all those questions, and all those lights- They're burning too.
Track Name: Justification of an Old Man
Climb the stairs, keep on tall toes. Try not to make a sound. At the end of the hallway smell a little girl's room. Your middle-life breath has got some wisdom to impart. Footsteps are heavy. Doorknobs turn so loud. But it's not like you're doing anything wrong, are you old man? Take what's yours. No one can keep you from telling what's right and what's wrong. At the end of a long day you've worked so hard for this. You'll just take a second then you'll be gone. Your breath will leave memories. Your fingerprints burn. But it's not like you're doing anything wrong, are you old man?
Track Name: Ghost Limb
Fold up when you feel too much. Your shoulder weight is crushing down. Sleep inside the shell that we share. The heart you took when we were born was supposed to be for two. The heart you took when we were born was supposed to be for me too. It will swallow you. I see what you do, and my scar burns too. When your terror flows I'll eat it up. Just lay down and I'll feel for you. The heart you took when we were born was supposed to be for me too.
Track Name: Wagering Life
You were given one chance at living, you don't live it like your last. Days spent in darkness, telling of light to come. Brightness shines through but you keep the curtains closed. Tell me of the life to come, tell me what you're missing out on. Your palms bleed from man-made holes. Light happens once and you spend it waiting for more. Existence is so small and you spend it wagering. Breathing just for reality to start.
Track Name: Sleep
One more time, set the alarm back. You just have to make it one more day until you can sleep again. Shadows crawling up the walls can wait for you. Just a few more muscles to tighten. Push the covers back, the world is cold out there. Take a hollow breath, taste the foggy air. Pull on your skin and you're out with the best of them. Just one more time. Fall down by night.
Track Name: Save Yourself
Open the door, look outside. It's just like it looked before. Day breaks on your face but nothing has changed. Every day you wake up the same man. Every day the same man holds back. It's hard to look happy when you can taste what you've become. Keep using your clothing to cover it up. Keep looking for answers. There's no one to blame but you.

Good luck kidding yourself for a little bit longer. It's all going to come crashing down.