Split 10" W/ Todos Caerán

by Mahria

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Released on 10" vinyl record by A Mountain Far... & Dog Knights Productions
Recorded live & mixed by Derek Orthner

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revolutionwinter.storenvy.com/products/195520-mahria-todos-caeran-split-10 (Bart Records distro)

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released July 15, 2011



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Mahria Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Scarlet Letter
A pound of flesh to take me home. My other skin is shedding off.

These white lights wait like I never learned how to. They tried to teach I just couldn't listen. I've heard it all, it's my final story. The moral of a fable that I've heard before. Slap my wrist with a wooden ruler. Draw straight lines down my chastity. Every notch will glow like a scarlet letter, every opened leg will spill the seed. I've heard this version called by a different name- a sweetness I had better not enjoy. Inside this mouth I will choke on laughter, outside it's punished for it's filthy sound. All we hope for is to die of laughter. So choke it out.
Track Name: Blind
I was born blind. I was covered with a shroud on my eyes and I've spent my life waiting, searching from all by my eyes. My hands are now calloused, I don't feel from them anymore. But still looking, always searching, for a sight of the light. I've heard a shining tale, an explanation, for my lack of sight. For the blindness that pushes me, that breaks my teeth, that covers my body with mud. This fable calls my darkness my own.

Vision eludes me with my permission.
All I have to do it open my eyes.

But I don't think that's right.
Track Name: Mask
I saw you. I saw through a sick face and old veins the deeper you dug in to dark skin and light hair. Through blue eyes and fairy tales I took those fists, and clenched jaws told stories of bad words and missing endings. Oh, my brother, the stories I could tell. Once upon a time can have the worst endings. Like that old wolf your teeth were made for meat and weaker things are soft. When my skin makes you sick, when my hair wraps up in up in you, when you vomit my blood, remember taking it from me. Try not to choke on the last thing you'll eat. Since I've bandaged my teeth marks, oh the stories I could tell of poisoned meat. Since once upon a time can have the worst endings.
Track Name: Self Sacrifice
Mr Fraud, this self-flagellation won't go far. The thorns go in but they're not coming out again. So let them see this self sacrifice. Your head hung with shame, revel in that feeling, bask in your glory. So willing to give it all up with your hands burned. No one will see your heart shaped hole. Your emptiness like a question. Open like a cellar door. Glowing like old ashes. Keep your purity in the pit of your stomach, burn it with blessed water. Choke it down on the taste of bad words and just let the rest know the burden of your noose.
Track Name: Smog Line
When you fall in the gutter we'll walk on your hands. Tuck your toes in, you're in for a cold one. We like you sleeping under the smog line, it keeps our high-up view a strong one. Don't carry on too far from your ditch bed, we want you sleeping in a muddy casket. Don't try to thaw cold hands by any warming fire. Freezing fingers can't open doors. Raise your eyes to try to see old stars, just see the dirt. So take the change- it pours like rivers. You're still hungry tomorrow. You're still cold tonight. Just try to remember the stars in a dirty city. Just slip again. We deserve this.