Split 7" W/ Watcher

by Mahria

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Released on 7" vinyl by Clue #2 Records (/300)
Recorded live & mixed by Tom Kerr
Mastered by Carl Saff at Saff Mastering

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released December 10, 2012



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Mahria Edmonton, Alberta

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Track Name: Lady Problems
Shut my mouth, clamped on outward cries. My body's rotting is fueling me. Keep it down, keep it inside. Red infection doesn't just fade away. It's heat spreads further, it burns up veins. Keep it down, keep it inside. No one's buying what I'm selling. Keep it under, don't let it out. It's coming out. Never matter what I'm not told. Keep it under, don't let it out. No one's buying what I'm selling. Keep it under, don't let it out.
Track Name: Fault
Where are you going, what have you done? When your head rests in the dark what lies do you think of? Tell it once again like in the end you earned your heart. Brothers broke the mould but they can't be faulted, can they? Put the blame on others- small girls just did you in. When emotions can't be yours you're free to do anything. Sprout wings and fly above this shit, from your actions. Hit me, I deserve it. I'm asking for it. Put the blame on others till your shoulders lighten. Burdens don't feel heavy when they're pushed on others. Remind me how I asked you for this, the blame for your bad day. Tell me again how you never grew. Show me how you're stuck inside this fucking groove. It's all my fault. I asked for this.